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I am originally from San Angelo, Texas. I went to Trinity University in San Antonio to play football and track. Our football team was routinely ranked in the top five in the nation and I set the school record in the hammer throw which stood for a decade. I received my BS in Finance from Trinity and a few years later went back to school at St. Edward's University for my MBA with an operations concentration. I come from a ranching family that has owned land in the Marfa area of Far West Texas for over 120 years. I still work cattle at a ranch in Eldorado, Texas for a family friend on their ranch. I've lived in Austin since 2006 and luckily for me, most of my mom's side of the family lives in the Austin Area now so we have huge family get togethers frequently. My mom lives in north Austin, my dad in San Angelo, and my older sister lives in south Austin. I also have numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins throughout Austin as well. I enjoy the Austin night life, UT sports, and attempt to stay in shape the best I can by participating in sprint triathlons. For the most part, I'm down for fun anytime anywhere and for supporting philanthropic organizations in the community.
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I am the founder of Coffey Advisory Group in Austin, Texas. My organization provides advisory services to small to mid-size companies. I have been a finalist for the Austin Business Journals "Best CFO in Austin Award" for 2014, 2016, and 2018 and winner of the AU40 Award in 2017 for the insurance and financial services category. Which proves the old adage, "even a blind hog finds and acorn every once in a while." With my finance and operations background I typically consult with executive teams on how to implement best practices to reduce expenses and maximize profitability.
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