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Born and raised in Austin and a University of Texas alumnus. I enjoy live music, skiing, golf, exploring Austin's culinary scene and single malt scotch paired with a cigar.
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GBM Strategies, LLC is an Austin-based business advisory firm established to serve an integral role in the growth and development of organizations seeking meaningful relationships and outcomes. Every organization has a value proposition, stakeholders and a story to tell. GBM Strategies works with early-stage and existing businesses to build a compelling brand strategy that drives engagement and results.

Global Brand Management serves as a foundation for growth by aligning value proposition and market development strategy - knowing your audience and engaging them effectively. Connecting the dots between value proposition, messaging, positioning and audience enables organizations to thrive creatively, genuinely and purposefully.

Founded by Gordon Moore, the firm specializes in financial technology (FinTech) product- and service-based businesses seeking entry and growth within the community banking vertical. Leveraging experience as a marketing and business development executive, strategic communications consultant and board member for non-profit organizations, the firm's clients benefit from a unique perspective, industry insight and dynamic, results-driven strategy.
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