Member Application

With more than 240 active members and a growing alumni base, YMBL is the most established network of young businessmen in Austin.  Our application process is hassle-free, and details are listed below:

Applications will be reviewed by the board to ensure we accept men who correctly exhibit the qualities of the YMBL Man. Once an applicant has submitted his application and payment, they’ll be invited to meet with our Recruiting Chair, attend different YMBL events, and to meet members getting their name out.  After each window, we’ll announce the new class at the following YMBL event on the schedule. First year dues are $350 with $100 going towards the new member retreat

Important: Getting your application submitted and your first year’s dues paid puts you on the list to become a provisional member after the next acceptance window

Once an applicant has become a provisional member, they’ll be asked to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Raise enough money for at least one kid to attend the Austin Sunshine Camps for free ($500)
  • Attend one Austin Sunshine Camp event during the summer (ie: canoe night, carnival night, camper pick up etc)
  • Volunteer at one YMBL event (ie. Serve on a planning committee, help out at the door, hand out raffle tickets etc.)
  • Pay renewal dues of $250 annually

For the next few weeks we are holding off on accepting new members through our online registration system. If you are interested in joining we ask that you send an email to and our new member team will discuss next steps.

If you have any questions about applying, please email us at
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