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    • 18 Jan 2017
    • 28 Apr 2017
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    • Austin Sunshine Camps, Zilker Park, 2225 Andrew Zilker Road 78746

    Sunshine-4-AfterSchool Program Volunteering

    How to signup:

    CLICK HERE, enter your e-mail address (twice), and sign up!
    (Note: the above link is only for approved volunteers.)


    Each school day throughout the year, kids from Fulmore Middle School attend ASC’s Sunshine -4- AfterSchool Program between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. when they are most vulnerable to negative influences, such as drugs and alcohol, gang activity and peer pressure.

    We’re looking for a few YMBL members to volunteer each day to come out and assist ASC staff. While there is a portion of the afternoon dedicated to homework, you’re not required to be a tutor. You’re there to hang out with the kids, be a positive role model, and to make it more fun. You’ll be amazed by the impact it has, not only on the kids, but on you.


    4:00 – Kids arrive

    4:00 - 4:45 – Snack & Homework

    4:45 - 5:00 – Outdoor Time  

    5:00 - 6:00 – STEM-Related Activity, Outdoor Activity or Life Skills

    • Monday – Math
    • Tuesday – Science, Technology, or Engineering
    • Wednesday – Outdoor Activity (Rowing, Bike Riding, Soccer, etc.)
    • Thursday – Math
    • Friday – Life Skills


    Q: What should I wear?

    A: Volunteers should wear comfortable clothing that will allow for participation in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities (i.e. work clothes will likely not be suitable). Closed toe shoes are recommended. No bare midriffs, bra straps or short shorts. Keep in mind that some activities can get messy and volunteer attire should allow for full participation in all activities.  

    Q: Where is the Volunteering opportunity?

    A: Austin Sunshine Camps Zilker Lodge – located at 2225 Andrew Zilker Road 78746. Parking is available across from the camp driveway in the park. There is no parking available immediately in front of the lodge. All volunteers should park and then walk to the camp at their designated arrival time. Plan on 5 minutes to walk.

    Q: When I arrive, how do I check-in?

    A: Upon arrival all volunteers need to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator, Casey Jones. She will provide an overview of the activities for the day and more information about how volunteers can best support the program.

    Q: Are volunteers responsible for running the program?
    A: The volunteer role is simply to help support the staff and have fun with the kids while building relationships and providing positive role models along the way. The staff can run the program. Volunteers can just go with the flow of the program and jump in and participate however they are comfortable.

    Q: Who can I talk to about fitting in or how to go about my volunteering shift? 
    A:  Find Casey Jones, our volunteer coordinator. She is the go-to person for everything volunteering! She is excellent at organizing and delegating duties to individuals and groups of volunteers.

    Q: My first time volunteering with the program it was difficult to really interact and connect with the kids. Is that normal?
    A:  Yes. That is a completely normal experience as a volunteer. At first you don’t know the program or the kids, and the kids do not know you. With each time you go the kids become more receptive. As you build relationships with them both you and the kids will get more out of your time.

    Q: Can I sign up only on the days that feature Math or Science or Engineering? 
    A:  Absolutely. We want the volunteers to be as comfortable as possible. And if that means that you enjoy Math the most and would add the most value as a math helper, then great!  Stick to that schedule!

    Q: How often do I have to commit to volunteering? 
    A:  There is no required commitment. Come as often as you are able. Ideally volunteers will come out on a regular basis as their schedule allows. Some volunteers are able to come a couple times a month and some even come weekly.

    Q: Do I have to be at S-4-AS the full two hours? 

    A:  No.  Many of us find it difficult to get out of work before 4 or 4:30pm (i.e. due to meetings, traffic, or other unforeseen things). Being there for at least one hour helps the ASC staff tremendously and gets you familiar with the kids. However, if you do have to cancel please let someone know in advance (i.e. Casey and/or Molly). A simple email or a phone call would suffice.  So please keep Casey and Molly’s info handy.

    Q: Can I use the restrooms at the Zilker Lodge during the volunteering session? 
    A:  Of course! We’re not going to let you suffer! Please use the second floor bathrooms only.

    Q: What do I do if a S-4-AS student is verbally or physically abusing me? 
    A: While such a situation is rare, there are times where the students misbehave or “test” volunteers. Do not retaliate.  Remove yourself from the situation and report the incident to Molly Kier as soon as possible.

    Q:  What if I don’t know the answer to a math or science problem a child is working on during homework time?

    A: Totally fine to own it! Let them know you’re not sure and don’t want to lead them down the wrong path, and then ask a staff to help out!


    Q:  What do I do during homework time if nobody asks for my help?

    A:  Be present in the room and available. If you’re sitting with a child, ask them about their assignment/ how they came to an answer (this helps strike up a conversation & assists you in engagement).



    • Let’s have fun.  Encourage the kids with positive communication and pick someone up that appears to be having a rough day.
    • Try not to go 100% when playing football, basketball or gaga ball with the kids.  We want both the kids and the volunteers to have a fun, safe, and injury-free experience.
    • For discipline issues and/or foul language, please contact Molly Kier as soon as possible.
    • Get to know the Austin Sunshine Camps staff members by name!
    •  If you feel like you are at a point where activities have slowed down, ask the staff what they need help with.
    • Do not engage the kids in any friendly hugs or contact, as we want to be as professional and liability-free as possible.  High-fives and handshakes are acceptable if showing positive reinforcement and greeting one another.  Volunteers should always be prepared to play outside for at least a few minutes (daily from 4:45-5:00, unless there is a special activity that day).  Please arrive dressed in the proper attire or at least wearing tennis shoes.


    Alex Jean

    Caroline Lindley

    Justin McCance

    Ray Little

    Molly Kier


    • 01 May 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Sellers Underground, 213 W. 4th Street, Austin, Texas 78701

    Come meet the YMBL membership committee along with current and new members to YMBL at Sellers Underground from 6-8pm. For new members and potential new members of the Young Men's Business League of Austin (YMBL).

    NOTE: Free street parking after 6:00PM downtown 

    Drink Specials include $3 Domestic Beers & Wells; $4 Imports and Wine by the glass; $3 Deep Eddy all the time.


    Contact Hal Williams, VP Membership

    • 13 May 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • ASC Zilker Lodge

    Camp is a ton of fun, and we want it to start with a clean facility ready for the kiddos. We will be doing a thorough clean of the exterior facilities along with some general landscape work. If you want to see some serious activity around the Lodge then come on out this day. Bunk beds will be installed by others, camp counselors will be moving-in, and YMBL will be making the exterior shine! More info to follow regarding specific projects and what tools will be needed.


    • 20 May 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • ASC Zilker Lodge

    The kids will be outside a ton this summer, but we want them and the staff to enjoy the new building as much as possible. It’s time for a good, thorough interior clean of the space. The more volunteers the better! Please bring whatever brooms, mops, cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, dust rags, etc. you can and we’ll have plenty of beers for you to consume. Ceiling fans, windows, floors, common areas, etc. will all need some good attention before 1,000+ kids pass through the Lodge this year. The ASC staff and camp counselors will be at life guard training so the Lodge will be ours. Let’s give them a great looking facility to come home to!


    • 06 Jun 2017
    • 7:00 PM
    • 123 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

    YMBL members and guests are invited to our April YMBL Restaurant Series dining and wine tasting experience at Italic – one of Austin's most authentic Italian restaurants. Come enjoy four courses exquisitely prepared by Executive Chef Andrew Curren paired with wine chosen by Master Sommelier Craig Collins (one of only nine master sommeliers in Texas).

    The YMBL Restaurant Series is an exclusive benefit to members in order to bring about culinary awareness of the best restaurants and wines that make Austin a special place and to allow members to get to know each other in a VIP-style setting – all while providing a spectacular dining experience at a reduced price-point. 

    The all-inclusive price includes 4 courses plus wine pairing with each course, taxes, and tip. A normal dining experience of this level would cost at least $150 per person. 

    Due to limited space, this exclusive event is only open to the first 20 seats reserved. Open to current YMBL members, alumni, and a +1.


    Italic is a truly Italian restaurant directed by Chef Andrew Curren of the ELM Restaurant Group (24 Diner, Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden, Irene's).  Antipasti selections range from cured meats, Italian cheeses, olives and house-marinated produce to house-baked focaccia. Rustic pizzas and entrées such as roasted half chicken or Florence-style T-bone steak are made in a top-of-the-line American-built pizza oven. Farm-to-table selections include seasonally rotating pastas – perfect with the 100-percent Italian wine list curated by ELM's Beverage Director, Master Sommelier Craig Collins.

    Executive Chef Andrew Curren and Master Sommelier Craig Collins were both seniors at Texas A&M, when they embarked together as roommates on a semester abroad in Tuscany, a trip they both credit as inspiration for their future career paths. Curren, originally on track to become a veterinarian, soon thereafter moved to Hyde Park, New York to attended the Culinary Institute of America.  After graduating as valedictorian of his class, he later went on to work alongside legendary New York Chefs, Jonathan Waxman and Danny Meyer in the early 2000s. 

    Craig has spent the last twenty years immersed in all aspects of the beverage industry, from winemaking to national distribution/importing and today, managing the Beverage Program for the ELM Group.  In 2011, he passed the esteemed Master Sommelier exam, a feat mastered by just two-hundred people at that time.  Today he is one of only nine Master Sommeliers in the state of Texas. 


    • 24 Jun 2017
    • Austin, Texas

    This is a system event created for the purpose of testing our website. Please do not  register.

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