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January 2019

What is Young Men's Business League?

YMBL is a 501(c)4 social service organization founded in 1913. Through our mission of Connect, Lead, & Serve, YMBL cultivates today's young professionals into tomorrow's community leaders.

YMBL provides opportunities for members to connect with other businessmen and our extensive alumni network through networking functions, social events, YMBL's annual signature events, and volunteerism.

YMBL also provides members with personal, professional, and leadership development opportunities such as professional development workshops, leading a fundraising team, chairing a signature event, and serving on the board of directors.

Lastly, YMBL provides members with opportunities to serve our community through volunteerism at Austin Sunshine Camps, which is YMBL's sole philanthropic endeavor. Each year, YMBL provides roughly one-third of ASC's annual budget through revenue generated from YMBL's activities and annual fundraising campaign.

What is Austin Sunshine Camps?

Austin Sunshine Camps is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Young Men's Business League in 1928 with facilities in the heart of Zilker Park and along the shoreline of Lake Travis. Since its inception, ASC has served more than 52,000 of Austin's low income youth at the only free, week long, overnight summer camp in Central Texas. Through its signature summer camp and year-round programming, ASC engages and empowers youth through education and outdoor experiences such as hiking, canoeing, swimming, high and low ropes courses, arts and crafts, and STEAM activities, all at no cost to their families.

What is the process to become a YMBL Man?

  • Application - Gentlemen interested in becoming a member of Young Men's Business League shall first submit a completed application here.
  • Vetting - We've been around since 1913 because we believe in a quality over quantity approach to membership. It's important to align expectations for what it means to be a YMBL Man and to ensure membership is a right fit for both the organization and prospective members alike.
  • Provisional Membership - Upon approval of an application for membership, the member shall enter the organization as a Provisional Member.
  • Active Membership - Provisional members who fulfill the annual duties of a YMBL Man during their then-current provisional membership year shall then be eligible to renew their membership as Active member status.

What are the duties of a YMBL Man?

As stated in our bylaws, each year, every YMBL Man fulfills the following duties in order to earn and retain active membership with Young Men's Business League.

  • Individually raise funds on behalf of the Camps in an amount equivalent to the cost of sending one child to the Camps (currently $500) through YMBL's individual fundraising campaign
  • Volunteer at or run in the YMBL Sunshine Run
  • Volunteer at one other YMBL event throughout the calendar year (Austin Under 40 Awards; YMBL Legacy Bash, Spring Fling, Fall Fling, etc.)
  • Support ASC Programs by volunteering at one of each of the following events: Carnival Night, Canoe Night and two afternoon sessions at Sunshine After School
  • Attend ASC orientation at Zilker Lodge (first-year members only)
  • Attended one (1) Board of Directors meeting (first-year members only)
  • Stay current with membership dues

What happens if a member doesn't fulfill his annual membership requirements?

If an active member doesn't fulfill his annual membership requirements in a given year, that member shall be eligible to renew his dues as a provisional member for the upcoming year. If a member in Provisional status does not fulfill his annual membership requirements, that member's membership shall expire and the member shall not be eligible to renew his membership for a period of six months following the date of his membership expiration.

How much are annual membership dues?

Active membership dues are $250 per year and provisional membership dues are $350 per year. Included in the annual dues, first-year provisional members receive complimentary registration to a new member retreat within their first year of membership.

What is a service team?

Service teams were set up to encourage camaraderie and engagement within a large organization through dedicated smaller groups. Each new member is assigned a service team to join upon entering the organization. In addition to serving as a channel for communication, service teams are the same group of guys you fundraise with and come out to volunteer at the camps with. Made up of around 25 members, each team includes provisional members as well as seasoned YMBL men.

Which service team am I on?

Check your profile in the membership directory here or contact Taylor Brown & he will let you know.

What is fundraising season?

This is when we come together to raise as much money as possible to send as many kids as possible to the Austin Sunshine Camps. ASC has capacity to serve 1,350 campers each summer and it costs around $500 for us to send one kid for one week long camp session. The fundraising campaign lasts around 6-8 weeks and all members are expected to raise enough money to send AT LEAST one kid to camp. YMBL provides an online fundraising platform for members to create a fundraising page for donors to make contributions directly to ASC. Whether it is a social media post, a phone call to a friend, an email or a pub crawl, we provide the tools and tactics for members to spread the word about how we can help these deserving children look forward to coming to camp. For any questions, contact our VP of Fundraising Derek Steffen.

What are the events throughout the year I can volunteer for?

Visit our events page to look for upcoming volunteer opportunities. Also, every year, we do the following:

  • Austin Sunshine Camps: Summer Camp Events
  • Austin Sunshine Camps: Year-round Program Events
  • Sunshine Run
  • Austin Under 40 Awards
  • YMBL Classic (annual golf tournament)
  • Spring Fling & Fall Fling
  • Winter Holiday Party
  • Monthly Speaker Series

There are also a number of social and appreciation events that are held throughout the year. We are always looking for volunteers to help out with them.

What's the best way for a new member to get involved?

YMBL is a vast, dynamic organization with many moving parts and opportunities to get plugged in and support the organization's initiatives. While it's helpful to have an idea for what you're looking to get out of your membership (i.e. networking, volunteerism, sharpening skills, etc.), we recommend members identify activities or events that are of most interest to them and reach out to the board member responsible for leading the initiative. For example, if you're an avid golfer, you may want to reach out to the chairs of our annual golf tournament. If you're ever looking for assistance, you can always feel free to reach out to any member of the board and they can help point you in the right direction.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions on something that is not handled in this FAQ, here is a shortlist of people to contact.

  • VP of Membership

If you need to contact a member that you don't have contact info for, we have a membership directory here. This can be matched with the list of active board members here.

Who do I speak to for technical difficulties with my account?

Travis Krause is our Technology Chair. He's a good first point of contact. Give him a shout and he'll take of you.

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